PCAL/Dividend/2017/                                                                                            20th March 2017


In accordance with Section 5.06 and 5.12 (XV) of the Rules Governing the Official Listing of Securities, we would like to notify our valued shareholders that Penden Cement Authority Limited will be declaring 70% dividend as approved in the 31st Annual General Meeting held on 17th March 2017 in the conference hall of Hotel Le Meridien, Thimphu. The record date for the declaration has been set as 27th March 2017.

All shareholders who have not submitted their new TPN number, Savings Bank Account Number (BoBL & BNBL), Central Deposit (CD) Code, CID number, Current Address and Contact Number are requested to do so. Information may be emailed to penden.cs@gmail.com or faxed at 05 – 371015.

All shareholders registered as on said record date are entitled for dividend.


Chief Executive Officer